Battle of Quatre

The heroes were stranded on a small island and Jedi Knight Collin Manten was stranded under water. So first the group decided to try and fix their comms so they could get some help. Mean while Collin had a bit of trouble from an Uber Fish. After they all met back up, they needed to find a way to salvage their last mission to get thdir intel info to the Republic on moon Quatre. It was going to be difficult considering that they didn’t have a shuttle that could get through the Techno Union’s blockade of the planet.

So what they did was go back to a drilling station and tried to steal a megasteel shuttle which they could then take to the other moon. They had to fight a few battle droid that got in their way, and of course the pilot, but they did get the shuttle and headed for the moon.

Waiting with a squadron of droid fighters, was the traitors of ther group, now working for the Techno Union. They chased the heroes ship to moon Quatre where they shot the ship down. Then their shuttle landed next to the wreckage and a great battle ensued. Many people in both sides died including General Andy, Collin Manten, Ryan d’Paul (Dead), Udo Broxin, Darth Tater. Bones ended up betraying the group and Dr. Hoarihumptus Surgeon ran for the Republics Hq to deliver the intel.

All Things Revealed?

Because the communications had been restored to the planet of Megnia, the king’s council was able to ask for help from the Republic. Over the course of a few weeks, the Republic fought the CIS in space battles. They were able to set up a temporary HQ on moon quatre.

The King’s council was then givin the assignment to get to the moon, and pass on intel to Republic leaders. The way the council had penetrated the blockade before was to steal a CIS megasteel transport shuttle; so they decided to go to gets and attempt it again.

The council divided into two small groups to fit in two small boats so they could more easily succeed this stealthy mission. One of the boats was sabotaged, and that left team A to swim for saftey to a nearby island. They encountered battles with a few hungrey sharks and a large aquatic monster, “the Lock Nest Monster”. They arrived safely on the island, aside from on arm, which was lost at sea.

Team B had a different experience, they would have tried to help team A, but they would have failed the primary mission. So they manuvered through a storm, fought off battle droids on the beach of Gets, and arrived at the transport for a climactic battle. The pilot was none other than Darth Josh, Collin’s old Jedi friend who turned to evil. Collin imediately attacked Josh, only to be betrayed by two members of his team. First Ryan d’Paul, who earlier had sabotaged team A’s boat, attacked Collin; then Derrin, who is actually Darth Josh’s apprentice, swung at Collin. With his only supporter in the group, Proma, falling to gunfire; Collin was forced to run for his life, and was barely able to excape into the sea.

Restoring communications

The Council met to discuss what to do about their new prisoner. Proma then introduced a plan to restore interplanatary communications. The plan required two communications towers to be built on each of the planets poles. The group then divided in two, one to head north to the Nomegi desert, and the other to head south to the Somegi icecap.

The North group had small trouble with some of the wild inhabitants. At one point Jedi Knight Collin Manten was stung by a scorpion. Two of the members of the group had to be carried home because of heat exhaustion. But all in all, the mission was a success; the North pole communications tower was built.

The south crew encounter more hostile creatures. Zaritha was almost eaten by a wolf. But they too built their tower, so the mission was also a success.

Treachery then unfolded as Zaritha decided to disable the comm tower secretly. General Andy was quick to notice and even quicker to take action by blowing Zaritha’s brains out with one shot. It’s doubtful that Zaritha will be sabotaging the group any more…

Eye for an eye

The King’s council returns to the throne to find out that one of the techno union communicators has been found in Zaritha‘s quarters. She denies that she’s the traitor because she would never be stupid enough to hide something that incriminating in her own quarters. Upon further review of the evidence against Zaritha, its been found that she was on the moon Un on a diplomatic mission right before the attack on the palace. The King’s council takes Zaritha under custody and determines that they could use her in an attempt to fight against the CIS.

First with the help of Proma and his crew of hackers, the group is able to get the communicator to work and they give Zaritha a scripted paper to say. They get her to say that she needs to meet on mooon Un and request that they let her shuttle through the blockade. The group all pile into the shuttle and get ready to raid upon arrival.

When the arrive at the port, the group find that their plan of secrecy has failed, and a battle emmerges in the spaceport. After victory, the group makes its way stealthely through the CIS HQ and they find a Techno Union officer, Dan Mecken. The group then kidnaps the officer and heads back for the palace.

Traitor Among Us

The King’s council meets to discuss the war. In this meeting, Captain Andy is given a promotion to General. To fill the vacancy in the security of the palace, the king promotes Eric to captain. The council also finds out that a Jedi fighter has just crashed landed on an island near Gets. The council is assigned to go look for survivors.

At the wreckage of the ship, a jedi named Derrin waits. He says to the council that he was sent by the Jedi to help the planet. General Andy is very skeptical about a ship making it through the CIS blockade, so he has Derrin bound. Collin disagrees, but still disarms the new Jedi.

Just at that time, three droid transport ships land nearby and a battle immediatly breaks out. The council run for their ship because they are outnumbered. In the escape, Captain Eric is injured badly.

Back at the King’s palace, more badnews comes. Appently the hackers have found out that two different devices have been communicating with moon Un (cis) from the palace in the last week. Also more intelegence has been gathered that suggests that the traitor could be Collin. He was on a battle in the south, when his army was completly wiped, but Collin’s where abouts were unknown. Collin is demoted from his position as General of the Ridian army and is told that he is being watched. The next task could help prove his loyalty. The task the council is given, is to locate the communication devices. After searching a few rooms and being unsuccessful, the council is sent on a mission to get them out of the palace while a thourogh sweep of the palace would take place.

The council was sent to take a drill station in the North. The group sets a diversion to get most of the droids off the island, then a group snuck through hazardous volcanic terrain to get the remaining droids from behind. The plan works with minimal injuries to General Andy and Ryan d’Paul. After taking control of the drill station, the concil is told to return to the palace because a device has been found. Who had it, and where was it found? We’ll find out next time.

Rescue the king

Captain Andy was awaken from his sleep to find that the king’s palace in Megnia was under attack by a battalion of CIS battle droids. He grabbed a few of his security guards and Udo Broxin, who was also just awaken, and headed for the throne room to defend the throne.

Zaritha was just returning from a diplomatic mission from the moon, Un, when he saw all of the commotion. He asked what he should do, and was also sent to the throne room to help.

As the heroes entered the throne room they found a squad of battle droids with the King held as their prisoner. The heroes quickly blocked the only exit to the room and a battle errupted. One of the battle droids planted an explosive charge in the back of the room to make an inpromtu exit. Captain Andy ran to stop the charge from blowing a hole in the wall, but as he picked the charge up, it detonated, incapacitating him and still causing a large enough hole in the wall for the battle droid and his prisoner to excape. Collin arrived just in time to see the king kidnapped.

Upon analysis of the attack, it was suspected that a member of the king’s concil, had assisted in the ambush. Evidence points towards Udo Broxin, but other suspects include: Captain Andy, Collin, Zaritha, and Proma.

The concil, with a new member: Horrihuptus, then decided on a plan to go to the moon, Un (where Proma’s group of hackers found out the droids took the king). They got a submarine from Ryan d’Paul and traveled to the CIS controled drill station near Nor. After destroying a few labor droids, they stowed a way on a Techno Union transport ship. They made a deal with the pilot to take then to Un and back quietly.

On Un, the team found out where the detention facility was, hijacked a speeder, and headed there. At the detention facility, they made their way in and fought off a bunch of battle droids. They found the leader of the facility, Fred Myer, lured him into a trap and got his encypted key card. Then they rescued the King and took him back to the safety of Megnia.

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