All Things Revealed?

Because the communications had been restored to the planet of Megnia, the king’s council was able to ask for help from the Republic. Over the course of a few weeks, the Republic fought the CIS in space battles. They were able to set up a temporary HQ on moon quatre.

The King’s council was then givin the assignment to get to the moon, and pass on intel to Republic leaders. The way the council had penetrated the blockade before was to steal a CIS megasteel transport shuttle; so they decided to go to gets and attempt it again.

The council divided into two small groups to fit in two small boats so they could more easily succeed this stealthy mission. One of the boats was sabotaged, and that left team A to swim for saftey to a nearby island. They encountered battles with a few hungrey sharks and a large aquatic monster, “the Lock Nest Monster”. They arrived safely on the island, aside from on arm, which was lost at sea.

Team B had a different experience, they would have tried to help team A, but they would have failed the primary mission. So they manuvered through a storm, fought off battle droids on the beach of Gets, and arrived at the transport for a climactic battle. The pilot was none other than Darth Josh, Collin’s old Jedi friend who turned to evil. Collin imediately attacked Josh, only to be betrayed by two members of his team. First Ryan d’Paul, who earlier had sabotaged team A’s boat, attacked Collin; then Derrin, who is actually Darth Josh’s apprentice, swung at Collin. With his only supporter in the group, Proma, falling to gunfire; Collin was forced to run for his life, and was barely able to excape into the sea.


You should change “Darth Josh” to “Darth Tater”

All Things Revealed?

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