Battle of Quatre

The heroes were stranded on a small island and Jedi Knight Collin Manten was stranded under water. So first the group decided to try and fix their comms so they could get some help. Mean while Collin had a bit of trouble from an Uber Fish. After they all met back up, they needed to find a way to salvage their last mission to get thdir intel info to the Republic on moon Quatre. It was going to be difficult considering that they didn’t have a shuttle that could get through the Techno Union’s blockade of the planet.

So what they did was go back to a drilling station and tried to steal a megasteel shuttle which they could then take to the other moon. They had to fight a few battle droid that got in their way, and of course the pilot, but they did get the shuttle and headed for the moon.

Waiting with a squadron of droid fighters, was the traitors of ther group, now working for the Techno Union. They chased the heroes ship to moon Quatre where they shot the ship down. Then their shuttle landed next to the wreckage and a great battle ensued. Many people in both sides died including General Andy, Collin Manten, Ryan d’Paul (Dead), Udo Broxin, Darth Tater. Bones ended up betraying the group and Dr. Hoarihumptus Surgeon ran for the Republics Hq to deliver the intel.



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