Ryan d'Paul (Dead)

Ryn Jedi, Now one with the force.


Dead. Played by David A

Rand d’Paul was an ex-jedi, member of the King’s council of Megina, and owner of a ship production yard which was used for assorted fishing and recreational watercraft, which shortly after Megnia’s entrance into the Clone Wars was re-tooled to produce armored boats.

Unbeknown to his countrymen, Rand d’paul made a deal with the CIS shortly after the outbreak of war. When the party split into two groups in All Things Revealed? Rand sabotaged one of the boats, and attempted to kill Colin Manten.

d’Paul was later killed in a second encounter with Manten, who used the force to send d’Paul careening into a CIS Battle droid, Killing him instantly.


Ryan d'Paul (Dead)

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