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Achievements are a way to gain destiny points. To fulfil a destiny, you must earn a designated amount of achievements.


Achievement Rookie- earn 2 achievements
bonus: train in one skill (any skill except use the force)
Achievement Hunter- earn 5 achievements
bonus: increase 2 abilities scores by one point
Achievement Master- earn 10 achievements
bonus: obtain one feat (must meet pre-requisits)
Over-Aciever- Earn 20 achievements
bonus: next time you level up, level up again (exception for level 20, instead gain a talent)


All to easy- Succeed a dice roll by 20 or more
3,720 to 1- Roll 2 consecutive natural 20s
I have a bad feeling about this- Roll 2 consecutive natural 1s
Pants party- Successfully steal someone’s pants while they are wearing them, and conscious
Team killer- Deliver a killing blow to a player character
Bang, Bang, Bang,…- Deal damage to 4 different people in the same turn
And no dissintigrations!- Hit someone for more than 60 points of damage
Killing spree- Kill 2 peole in the same turn
One shot- Kill an uninjured person in one hit
Epic fail- Fail a die roll by more than 20
Failed suicide- Fall 30 meters or more without dying
Spiderman- Climb 4 stories without assistance
Your brother Orc Face- Convince and NPC of something extremely untrue (GM decision)
Gandhi- Go one week without eating
Iego- Lean how to get to the mythical planet of Iego
One-two punch- Attack with the suprise action, then be the first person on the initiative roll
Who needs a jet pack?- Jump 10 spaces or more
Einstein’s theory of relativity- Succeed an expert knowledge check
Inventor- Build a complex machine (GM decision)
Super-senses- Avoid a suprise attack from someone trained in stealth
The diplomatic way- Change a hostile character’s attitude to helpful
Ace pilot- Out-manuver an expert pilot
Muster the Rohirum- Fight a whole skirmish while riding a creature
Footprints in the concrete- Track someone on hard ground
We can rebuild him…- Install a cybernetic prosthetic without causeing damage
Hacker- Access secret information from a hostile computer
Use the force- Spend a force point to increase a roll by the maximum amount of 6 (8 if your strong in the force)
Who wants to be a millionaire- Obtain 1,000,000 credits
Fear leads to anger- Obtain a darkside score equal to or greater than your wisdom score
Anger leads to hate- Obtain a darkside score equal to your wisdon score
Dark to light- Perform a dramatic act of heroism to get rid of your dark side score
Sticks and stones- Kill a character with an non-explosive simple weapon
Teacher- Get an npc to become your follower and level to 5 or higher

Group Achievements

Win a skirmish wtihout firing a shot
Win a skirmish without taking any damage
win a skirmish while at least half of the group is unconscious


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-Nomegi Desert
-Somegi Icecap
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