Government: Monarchy (King Dexterious)
Main Exports: Megasteel, Fish
Main Inports: Technology
Capital: Megnia(city)
Native species: Human, Ryn, Togruta, Herglic, Ridian
Region: Outer Rim
Climate: Desert, Tropical, Arctic
Gravity: Standard
Moons: 4 (Un, Deux, Trois, Quatre)(3 habitable)
Day: 30 hours
Year: 402 Days

Megnia’s rotaion of its axis and revolution around its sun are equal, meaning that only one side of the planet, the north, is ever faceing the sun. This causes specific climates to each part of the planet: the Northern most continent is mostly desert, the middle is mostly all tropical islands, and the sorthern most area is all ice.

The Ridians have lived on the planet for as long as records indicate. About 10,000 years ago, a large group of herglic traders arrived and began trading technology to the ridians. The Herglics found that the planets large supply of fish was a good source of food to trade to some of the other planets in the nearby outer rim territories. Later Togruta, Ryn, and humans settled on the planet. Because the Northern hemispheres great holiday-like weather, the new species claimed a lot of the northern islands, leading the ridians to migrate to the south.

About 3000 years ago, a strong steel capable of repelling lightsaber blades was made of the magma within some of the volcanic islands on Megnia. This led to the Techno Union’s interest in the planet. They set up headquarters on 2 of the planets moons and began using the “megasteel” to make many military weapons including combat droid.

Megnia is more famous for its peace. It has been far enough out of the way, as to avoid any galactic wars. The planets has not had many civil conflicts either. This state of peace is shaken, as the clone wars begin…

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